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Will be printed to the machining process on the transfer paper:the transfer printing paper, decal printing color ink is by printingand screen printing. Most of the printing process printed. Method of printing paper with intaglio printing, letterpress printing, offset printing and screen printing method four. Printed paper byprinting, gravure printing is the most extensive in. Transferprinting Decal Screen printing method is suitable for small batch,variety of printing, and paper made in printing and dyeingfactory. Has the characteristics of low interest rates, high speed,simple operation, colour. But the screen printing method by usingwater soluble ink, paper on the pattern of three-dimensional andcontour of the definition is not good, the pattern is coarse,cannot display the characteristics of transfer printing pattern.

And then transfer to a to be printed on the commodities thattransfer printing, transfer printing technology to complete basic knowledge and application of the pigment or dye printing on paper, rubber or other carrier. But the narrow sense refers to thetransfer printing textiles as carrier of the pad printing technology.Transfer printing is mainly used in polyester fiber products, with the transfer printing of cotton, nylon, acrylic, wool, hemp, alsowidely used.




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