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Bolts of cloth, fabric digital heat transfer printing
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In our daily life, we often see a lot of leather, cotton clothes are often printed on the top in the beautiful LOGO or other cartoon images, even in black leather, fabrics are printed on a bright pattern, this is hot transfer to achieve.

     Traditional digital thermal transfer printing requires large quantities of production, but a digital thermal transfer printing can be printed, and Lidengkequ, high efficiency proofing, the best partner small batch production; also available in mass production pieces printing positioning printing, bolts of cloth printing.

It needs production equipment: computers, digital pattern output systems, heat transfer machine

Materials which are needed: a heat transfer medium, the heat transfer ink

Its process is as follows:
1, the thermal transfer sheet to the printing
2, the function of the automatic extension of the pattern cutting apparatus cutting edge good
3, with a flat, drum transfer machine to transfer the pattern to the fabric of the specified location

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