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Digital textile printing technology program
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Printing Process: The current digital printing feature is evident from the graphic works to the amazing results, it all happened within a few hours ...... create a lot of fabric designs and color schemes for the pre-production of a printed fabric all of which can be completed within one day. Images show the true color of the fabric to introduce innovative concepts and customized on demand products. Print out high-quality fabric, so natural and synthetic fibers that will never fade. Reduce the cost of expensive separations high production capacity makes it possible to rapidly respond to market demand. Guarantee from the initial design to the finished product consistency. Ability to print on all types of textiles, can achieve a unique design, novel and innovative, immediate and efficient production. ensure all aspects of the textile and apparel consistency makes repeated operations, reproduction and uniformity easy to control. makes it possible to produce real-time, so that is when you need the appropriate number of samples are available.

    However, in corduroy jet printing; because often can not successfully print 100% flower pattern on the floor, so in order to get an overall coloring effect, requires the help of another printed or dyed colored dye to color in advance. All color printed, thus avoiding the problem of the flower, so velvet fabric jet printing machine has not been universally successful. Obviously, different forms of velvet fabric structures have born velvet, velvet to fully suck Secheng shape to complete printing.

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