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Use layer styles to enhance digital printing products
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Designed for digital printing

    One of the most important factors affecting the quality and appearance of the final printed product is your design. In an ideal world, you might just design a really good work, you can print out an excellent prints. The real world is more complicated than this. The key is we have to learn to digital printing and design (possibly including some of the different ways you used to apply when designing for screen printing as before) when you're designing works for screen printing, you will usually be taken to limit the use of ~ ~ in order to reduce the number of colors the number plate and recycling network version, to reduce production costs.

    When using the digital mode, full-color flowers is the standard mode. This is an advantage of digital printing, right? It is true, but not entirely. When direct garment digital printing machine using a transparent ink for full color flowers, you might feel a little disappointed last ?? your printed materials showing that you do not normally see on the screen printing machine so full and bright color effects.

    In addition, the application of digital printing machine ink-jet technology means that the machine should print head through the hole, and then printing on substrates. So, one or more holes are blocked, so that your streaks appear on printed materials, destroyed the final printed results ~ ~ This is what often happens.

    How to ensure expressive digital printing products? How to avoid streaks and other bad results do not wish to appear? In short, how to make your costume design reflects the direct advantages of digital printing technology?

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