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Traditional manual printing Terminator
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Printing revolution, women to advocate
    Lift the printing shop, your mind will emerge out how images? Long printing platen, men in sweat ground floor cloth, mobile network box, scraping India; each one kind of color must be re-printed version for, along tens of meters of printing platen pitted again, mechanically repeating the scraping printing action. A thousand years ago, our ancestors so printing; one thousand years later, most of the Chinese printing enterprise can still see the same figure. Years of change, things have been several times reincarnation, printing workshop seemed to pause in the distant era, the explosion in technology today, it is a matter of how incredible! Robert launched on the 1st, it is for thousands of years, traditional hand platen printing history subversion. Zhang Chaozong chairman introduced the Road, Robert the 1st is an intelligent automation equipment, it has a "fine, easy, province wide, light, specifically" good six characteristics, not only the stability, high printing precision greatly overcome unstable artificial platen printing quality defects; and printing speed can reach 900 times / hour. More importantly, it is easy to operate, can greatly reduce labor intensity. With this device, workers can easily qualified previously only male workers to do the printing job, which is advocated by the SACP machinery ... 'printing revolution, women to advocate. "

    This is a financial crisis in the context of the birth of the equipment. Affected by the global financial crisis last year, significantly reducing the volume of business a considerable part of the Chinese printing enterprises, business owners investing in equipment to become more cautious. To do this, follow the market situation SACP machinery introduced by Robert on the 1st of economical and practical. It is understood that Robert price on the 1st of 120,000 yuan, only a fraction of one ordinary automatic printing equipment and even a dozen points, lower input costs, recover faster, more secure investment without risk, easy for China's printing business to accept.

    In the exhibition site, the reporter close contact with this type of hand-carried dependence board intelligent automatic printing machine. It uses human-machine interface, digital control, not only printed on the fabric, and it applies to any plane substrates of glass, ceramics, wood, paper, stone and so on. It works not complicated ~ ~ to move instead of doing treadmill machine. In other words, the purchase of Robert the 1st printing plant, without changing the existing deck and screen, as long as both sides of the platen particular track is installed, you can let the device run smoothly, from a manual to automated printing printed across.

    Yes, today, has become an inevitable trend in the development of automated printing industry, people are talking about automation, eager to automate the same time, but had to because of the high cost of automation and prohibitive. In recent years, with the proportion increasing labor costs, printing enterprises to adopt increasingly urgent demand for automation equipment, but the reality before us is: the vast majority of Chinese printing companies are still making simple hand platen printing, these enterprises generally limited strength, for them, the investment of hundreds of thousands or even millions to buy the whole an automatic printing machine is not realistic, and "specifically designed for printing platen," Robert on the 1st of its low-cost, high-performance to meet the needs of these enterprises, and simple operation, without changing the original printing habits. Zhang Chaozong chairman further noted that Robert promotion and popularization of the 1st can not only greatly enhance the level of automation of Chinese printing enterprises, and, in the near future, is expected to promote a comprehensive upgrade of the entire printing industry.

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